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Wool Dryer Balls Laundry Best Scented Home Fragrance

Wool Dryer Ball Set

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Wool dryer balls work by separating laundry in the dryer so that hot air can circulate more evenly and efficiently as they bounce around.

Our dryer balls:

  • Are made from premium 100% New Zealand sheep wool
  • Soften naturally, without chemicals
  • Reduce drying time
  • Replace single-use dryer sheets
  • Are reusable for 1000 loads thus reducing waste

Place your wool dryer balls in the dryer with wet laundry and run your normal cycle. Add 1-2 drops of fragrance directly onto one or all dryer balls before putting them in the dryer for a dreamy-smelling load of laundry.

Available in:

Cashmere Blanc  It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and a lot cozy! Indulge in this warm, dreamy candle as it creates a soft scent throughout your space.
Top: Cedarwood, White Chocolate, Spice
Middle: Vanilla, Warm Floral, Coconut Cream
Base: Whipped Cocoa Butter, Olive Wood, Sandalwood

Lavender Ombrè  The tranquility of lavender is layered with a sophisticated blend of musk and amber creating a perfect combination of soft floral with warm spice. This is definitely not your typical lavender candle fragrance!
Top: Clary Sage
Middle: French Lavender, Warm Amber
Base: Musk, Vanilla

Stiletto  This luxurious fragrance opens with sweet plum and spicy pink pepper.  It is deepened with black rose and amber musk making it perfect for those who love a warm, purely hedonistic scent. Its warm, rich, and spicy combination gives off seriously seductive glamour vibes.
Top: Plum, Sparkling Bergamot, Pink Pepper
Middle: Black Rose, Violet, Dry Musk
Base: Vanilla, Incense, Amber

Four all-natural wool dryer balls
10 ml fragrance oil
Storage bag