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Reed Diffuser Collection Refill Kits Best Scented Home Fragrance

Reed Diffuser Refill Kits

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As part of our Diffuser Collection, these refill kits allow you to replenish or switch to a new fragrance using your existing AM LUXE Diffuser.

Directions: Clean your existing glass diffuser jar with warm soapy water. When completely dry, pour the refill fragrance solution into the clean diffuser. Place 3 to 5 new reeds inside the bottle. Within 24-48 hours scented oil will be drawn up the reeds to diffuse your new fragrance.

Click here for a printable list of AM LUXE fragrances.

5 luxury reeds
New cap (subject to color availability)
Net Weight: 5 fl. oz. fragrance refill
VOC compliant. 
Diffusers will release scent for approximately 90 to 120 days.
Flip the reeds every few weeks to refresh the fragrance.
Remove or add reeds to control the fragrance strength.