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What’s Your Fragrance Style?

Selecting a favorite home fragrance is different for everyone because particular scents create feelings based on personal experience. Many of us love pumpkin, maple, or spicy notes in the fall, but reach for white floral or fresh notes in the spring. Home fragrances are another part of what defines your personal style.

Fragrances are classified into different styles based on their overtone, or the set of notes that are most dominant. Most fragrances combine notes from different style categories to create a more complex and unique aroma. For example, the right blend of fruit and floral can create a beautiful summer fragrance, like our SoCal Summer.

Undertones are the notes given in small percentages to help support more powerful overtones. We often use citrus, greens, and light floral undertones to add dimension.

Here we explore five basic fragrance categories. Use this guide to help you understand what your preferred styles are.

Floral smells are traditionally romantic but vary greatly in style. There are many scents in this family from fresh picked flowers to thin watery floral to soft, sometimes powdery, white florals.
Examples include:
Fresh cut: rose, lilac, hyacinth, lavender
Aquatic: water lily, lotus
White: jasmine, tuberose, honeysuckle, freesia

Try these AM LUXE fragrances as a classic example of the floral style:
Orange Blossom
Spring Crush
Star Jasmine + Lily

Fruity fragrances typically have a sweet and almost edible appeal. They make popular summer fragrances. Examples include peach, berries, apple, pear, pineapple, and lychee.

Try these AM LUXE fragrances as a classic example of the fruity style:
Mango + Hibiscus
Raspberry Blush

This style often smells fresh and clean from linen or marine notes. Other common descriptors are bright, energizing, or uplifting which can be achieved from the citrus family. Some even feel this style is relaxing which is where we see soothing spa blends. Examples include an ocean breeze, salt air, grapefruit, bergamot, fresh mint, rosemary, and tea leaves.

Try these AM LUXE fragrances as a classic example of the fresh style:
Citrus + Sweet Mint
Mint Bliss
Signature Spa

This is an expansive style that is recognized by warm notes across several categories including wood, spice, and sweet gourmand. This style becomes especially popular during cold weather months. Examples include amber, musk, spice, resin, and vanilla.

Try these AM LUXE fragrances as a classic example of the oriental style:
Santal + Suede
Sweet Kentucky Bourbon

Wood notes are frequently considered part of the oriental style. However, we believe these powerful earthy smells deserve their own recognition. Examples include sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, oud, and spruce.

Try these AM LUXE fragrances as a classic example of the woody style:
Aspen Rouge
Woodsmoke + Oud

It would be difficult to just have one favorite from the wide-ranging style categories. Feel free to change seasonally, mix and match, or stick with a tried-and-true favorite. Contact us if you need help determining what fragrances might be right for you.

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