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Upcycle Inspiration

How many times have you been left with a decorative jar you can’t bear to throw out once you have fully enjoyed your candle? Since we have a genuine candle obsession, it’s safe to say this has happened to us TOO MANY times to count. But we love a candle that can be repurposed so we are here to inspire you to upcycle those beautiful candle jars! 

Vase or planter: Candle vessels are perfect for small bouquets of fresh flowers. We love picking up flowers for small cut arrangements at the grocery store like roses, posies, or carnations. One bunch will usually fill several jars. Then place them on your nightstand, vanity or kitchen window sill. Candle jars also work exceptionally well as a planter for small cactus or other succulents as well as flowering bulbs like a fragrant hyacinth. If you have several coordinating jars, arrange a grouping into a charming indoor herb garden.

Bar cart accessory: We love repurposing our jars in the bar. Fun straws look especially pretty displayed on a bar cart. Empty jars work for garnishes and toothpicks too.

Utensil caddy: Make a statement on your next buffet line when you use your beautiful jars as a flatware holder. Line several up from the same collection for a stunning statement!

Candy dish: One of our personal favorites is using our prettiest candle jars as a seasonal candy dish. We put them in the living room and even the guest bedroom for an extra special treat.

Candle holder: Recycle your candle holder as a….candle holder! Drop tea lights into your empty jars, then group them together to create a beautiful visual effect indoors or on the patio!

Thankful/Good Things jar: Throughout the year write small notes or “thank yous” when good things or even just small moments happen. Fold your note and put it in your favorite decorative candle jar. On your special day read all the accumulated notes. We love this idea used at thanksgiving or to celebrate anniversaries.

Storage jars: Used candle vessels make great storage jars for almost any room in the house.
  • Organize your craft rooms glue sticks, buttons, etc.
  • Hold your desk basics like pens or highlighters, paperclips, or whatever you reach for throughout the day.
  • Elevate your vanity by using your jars to hold perfume samples, lipsticks, bobby pins, hair ties and more.
  • Add glam vibes to your bathroom by upcycling your jar to hold your toothpaste/toothbrush, cotton swabs or other toiletry essentials. They also work great for your favorite DIY body scrub or Epsom salts.
  • Don’t forget your furry friends. Upcycle your jars into stylish pet treat jars.

So, stop tossing your used candle jars. There are endless ways you can repurpose them. Don’t forget to tag us! We love seeing your creativity.

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