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Reed Diffuser 101

We love reed diffusers because they are a no-fuss option to continuously perfume your space with subtle fragrance. They are especially popular in the foyer to greet guests as well as bathrooms, closets, playrooms, and bedrooms where you can’t always monitor a burning candle. Get the most out of your reed diffuser with a little TLC.

How diffusers work

Diffuser reeds are made of a porous material that draw up the fragrance solution and diffuse aroma throughout your space.

Control the fragrance strength

You can regulate the strength of reed diffusers. The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent, because more fragrance oil is being used and dispersed into the air.

  • Use only a few reeds for a gentle scent. This will also make your diffuser last longer.
  • Use more reeds for a stronger fragrance.
  • Flip your reeds as they begin to lose their scent. Generally, we recommend doing this every few weeks to help your diffuser last longer while producing a more satisfying scent.

As with candles, the size of your room plays a part in the strength of your fragrance. Diffusers are a lot like having a bouquet of fresh flowers. You will smell it as you walk by, but most diffusers won’t necessarily fragrant a large room.

Location is important

The environment plays a key role in the performance of diffusers.

  • Find a high traffic area with good air circulation to allow the scent to move around.
  • Keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight. The windowsill is not an ideal spot for diffusers (or candles).
  • Place your diffuser in a space in which the air contains some humidity and remains at a moderate temperature. Dry, cold air results in slow-moving scent molecules, which does not foster optimal fragrance circulation.

Refill your diffuser

There are many factors that contribute to the lifespan of a reed diffuser. Over time, diffuser reeds will stop pulling fragrance as they become clogged with oil and dust. Once the reeds lose efficiency, you can replace them if you still have fragrance solution. However, eventually the fragrance oil will evaporate. You can purchase an entirely new diffuser or you can simply buy a diffuser refill. AM LUXE refill kits come with new fragrance oil and replacement reeds. 

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