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How to Clean a Candle Jar

There are so many easy ways to upcycle a decorative jar once you have fully enjoyed the candle. You don’t even have to be a DIY person. However, before you can get to fun the part, you must first clean out your jar. Don’t worry, it is super simple!

The freezer method is a popular way to remove wax, but our way is even faster. We love coco apricot crème wax for a natural and clean burn.  Another great thing about our wax is that it is super soft which means it is easy to clean out of your candle jar. Plus, we purposely do not add unnecessary labels on the exterior of our beautiful candles so you don’t have to fuss with that annoying step!

Let’s get started! If the wax is still liquified from burning the candle you can simply pour it out. We like to pour it out on a paper plate which can be trashed once the wax cools. If you are removing wax that has solidified use a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax. (Don’t worry about your flatware. You can wipe off the wax and stick it in your dishwasher.) Then use a paper towel to reach into your jar and pull out the remaining wick clip.

Once the bulk of the wax is removed, you want to clean out the jar completely. Using a paper towel or cloth, gently wipe out the jar to remove any remaining wax.

Next, use hot water and liquid dish soap to clean any oily residue from inside the jar. Many people like to do a quick wipe of the interior with vinegar but we find it is often not necessary when using a good dish soap that cuts through grease.

Finally, gently dry your jar and if necessary, buff out fingerprints from the exterior with a soft cloth.  Now you are ready to reuse your pretty candle jar again and again!


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