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Candle Strength Decoded

How many times have you bought a candle only to find out it wasn’t powerful enough to scent your room? Or maybe it ended up throwing too strong which resulted in a headache? We’ve all experienced hit or misses buying new candles.

The most common question we are asked is, “What are the strongest fragrances?” It is important to note that fragrance strength, just like its perceived smell, is subjective to each individual. What one person finds powerful; another may disagree. A candle’s fragrance strength is described as it’s “throw”. Its cold throw is the strength when unlit and a candle’s hot throw, or scent throw, is the strength observed while burning.

Another key factor is the area where you plan to burn your candle. Is your goal to aromatize a great room or an intimate powder bath? The strength of a candle is impacted by its size as well as the actual fragrance. Not all candle sizes may be right for your space. Consider your candle size to room size ratio. Small candles will not have the same scent throw, or strength of fragrance, as larger candles. If you prefer a strong candle fragrance, large spaces may require a large candle or a grouping of candles. Another great option is to pair your favorite candle with the same or complementary scented reed diffuser. Bathrooms or an office are ideal spaces for smaller candles.

When choosing a candle, think about both the candle’s fragrance as well as its size and where you want to burn it. A subtle fragrance in a small jar will likely be lost in a very large room. It may be better for medium to small rooms depending on how strong you like your candles. The same is true if you burn a large and/or very powerful candle in your laundry room. The scent could be overpowering. Most people try to achieve balance with a pleasing background home fragrance. 

All of our home fragrances are gorgeous, but they do span the spectrum from subtle to powerful. So back to the question at hand: What are our strongest fragrances? Remember that fragrance varies greatly from one person to another. The following is intended to be used as a general guide when selecting AM LUXE candles. Happy burning!

Blackberry Noir
Bonfire + Toasted Marshmallow
Midnight Glam
Rose Petal + Amber
Santal + Suede
Signature Spa
Vanilla Soleil
Viridescent Fig + Woods

Cashmere Blanc
Cedar Plum
Citrus + Sweet Mint
Head Over Heels
Lavender Ombrè
Le Macaron
Orchid + Fern
Pink in Paris
Raspberry Blush
SoCal Summer
Spring Crush
Star Jasmine + Lily
Tobacco + Tonka Bean
True Cowboy
Tuberose + Musk

Aspen Rouge
Mango + Hibiscus
Mint Bliss
Orange Blossom
Salted Caramel Latte
Sun Goddess
Sweet Kentucky Bourbon
The Classic Gentleman
Woodsmoke + Oud

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