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Candle Care Basics

Candles are great for a lot of reasons. We love the way they make our home smell. We love the way the light flickers. We love how the wick crackles. They make our space feel cozy. Let’s be honest. Having a great candle burning just makes us happier. However, it is important that you take care of you candles. Following proper candle care and maintenance will ensure the best experience and longevity of your favorite candles. Begin with these basic candle care and burning tips.

Your candle has memory.

Yes, we said a candle has memory. The wax will only melt as far as it did the first time you burned the candle. That is why the first burn is so important. You want the entire top surface of your candle – from edge to edge – to become liquid. A generally accepted rule is that all candles should burn one hour for every inch in diameter. This means the bigger your candle, the longer it needs to burn. Most candles take three or more hours so make sure you plan ahead. Your candle remembers if it does not reach a full melt pool, hence the “memory”. The result will be a candle that tunnels. Tunneling = when it looks like your candle has a hole where the wick is.    

Put a lid on it.

Remember to recap your candle if it comes with a lid. This will help keep it free of debris. It can also help extend the fragrance strength of your candle.  

Keep the wick trimmed.

Trim the wick to keep it burning clean (less smoke and soot). It also helps your candle burn more efficiently so your candle is not wasted with a huge flame. It may look too short, but trimming your wooden wick to 1/8 of an inch is ideal. Once your candle has come to room temperature simply break the black tip off with your fingers or trim it with wick trimmers (or even a nail trimmer).

Proper storage is important.

Keep your candle out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fragrance fading. Candles are also sensitive to extreme temperatures. Case in point, we carelessly lit a candle in the snow and set it on the ledge of a hot tub. It popped and the glass jar cracked. #whatwerewethinking Also be aware that a candle will melt if left in the heat too long (i.e. hot car, hot porch, etc.).

It may seem like common sense, but following these basic tips will keep your candle burning beautifully for many enjoyable hours!

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